The Scottish Tale


"The Scottish Tale" is the story of a young man's struggle between loyalty to his brother and passionate love for the woman his brother is going to marry. Sounds like the makings of a tragedy? Not at all. You'll love this madcap comedy where Scottish witches predict a doomed future for Ian and his fiancee Beth. Mac, an introspective poet, brother to Ian, Beth's suitor, is horrified by the witches prophesies and does everything in his might to prevent them.

Plagued by guilt and frustrated by love, Mac tries to orchestrate and control life. However, as in Shakespeare, life does not always follow our wishes or whims and there is a force stronger than our wills, a force called love, which will find a way to thrive.

Besides the characters in the love triangle, other favorites include the obvious stuffed skunk, the pot imbibing parents and the twin cops who take new age writing classes.

About the Film

Writer/director Mack Polhemus makes his feature film debut with "The Scottish Tale." This whimsical, romantic comedy, oh-so-loosely based on Macbeth will charm you with endearing characters, witty dialogue, deadpan humor and impossible situations. "The Scottish Tale" is a superb example of a filmmaker who is directly linked to his emotions and deftly understands how to convey a story to an audience; therefore, linking them to the same emotional journey. With a successful fusion of comedy and drama, director Polhemus shows that he has a little more to say about life than "one can always find true love." In this tale, each character plays an important role and shows an honesty rarely found in a typical love story, instead of the common one man's belief in himself, it is each person who plays an influential role in Mac's life and it is each who determines his destiny.

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